What can girls NOT do these days?

If you are a girl, you may end up in lots of difficult situations related to your car. It can stop working in the middle of nowhere, leaving you confused for not knowing what to do to make your car start and work at least to the closest town.

You should know that even guys go through this kind of experience, as they don’t necessarily have the knowledge ans the tools to fix their car when such a thing occurs. Besides, if a belt breaks, for instance, you can’t replace it unless you have a new one in your car with you. This is how sometimes even the best knowledge and the most advanced tools can be totally useless.

However, there are situations in which even a girl can be fine without the need for a mechanic. One of these situations is the replacing of a broken light bulb. You should always have spare bulbs in your car and you should practice at home their replacement if you want to be able to do it on the road. Your car manual may include detailed instructions. If not, you may be able to find something on the internet, as many car owners post in discussion forums various methods they used to solve relatively easy problems with their cars.

Another thing you can learn how to do is how to change a wheel. If you get a flat tire on the road, you are going to wait there until a nice guy stops and asks you what your problem is. You may also need to call a mechanic and wait until he arrives on spot. Why not take your problem into your own hands and change that wheel yourself? It is easy to do. All you need is to watch someone doing it a few times, so that you learn the corrects steps of the operation. You also need appropriate tools to allow you unscrew the flat tire and to lift the car for removing the wheel. Then you need to force to be able to unscrew the tightened screws of the wheel, but that’s also a matter of good technique and not only of your power of pushing on the wrench.

In today’s world, it’s useful for a girl to know how to do light repairs of her car (and get car insurance quotes). This can save her some money and sometimes even her life.