The Top Four Apps to Download so you can Earn More Money

A lot of us think that money-making projects online are all but scams. In reality, there are many ways to earn more money online without having to worry about scams (ifttt seo for one). Technology has been giving us the opportunity to optimize our money-making potential. For instance, you can now use your smartphones so you can have more money for the rainy days.

Apps are potential sources of extra income. The money you get from these apps may not bring you millions of dollars, but these online platforms will generate you enough cash for a fancy meal or two!

  1. Pact

Pact can be downloaded for both iOS and Android smartphones. Pact literally wants you to put your money where you mouth is! All a user needs to do is set his or her specific fitness goals in the app. The concept is that if you don’t stick to your goals and you don’t achieve them, you will lose money. People are more likely to stick to their fitness goals when they fear to lose a considerable amount of cash. With the additional fact that you can win money by increasing your chances of getting closer to your fitness dreams, you are sure to be more than willing to try this app out!

  1. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is an app available to both iOS and Android smartphone users. Simply put, Inbox Dollars will send you surveys that you need to answer. There will be instances wherein you will be asked to play games or browse the Internet in exchange cash. Advertisers want to understand consumer behavior in order for them to produce and enhance products and services. In return, not only do you have something worthwhile to do during your spare time, you also help in improving the market as a whole.

  1. Fronto

Fronto is only available to Android smartphone users. This application essentially places advertisements on your lock screen. The adverts come in the form of products, surveys, or articles that will be featured on your lock screen. Users who download this app are paid for swiping left on the advert or following the link. Users are paid $1 per 2500 points.

  1. SlideJoy

SlideJoy is an Android-only money making app that promises to pay its users up to $15 per month just by occupying lock screens with adverts instead. Users are basically getting paid whether they follow or ignore the links. SlideJoy reminds you of how much you have earned at the end of each day!