Describing My Top 3 Beauty Products

I just love beauty stuff (especially my Lifecell Anti Aging Cream)! I love looking at different products, trying new things, talking about the products, and watching or reading other people’s experiences with them. This world is so vast and everyone can find something that works best for them. That is why I have decided to describe what my top 3 beauty products are. (3)One of my top favorite beauty products is the lip tint. Don’t get me wrong; I still use things like lip gloss, lipstick, lip stains, and the like, but I put these tints in a class all of their own. They have the feel and application of a simple lip balm, and the good ones have all kinds of colors that add impact without being 100% opaque. They merely add a tint on your lips, meaning that they really use the color of your lips to make the tint appear lighter, darker, brighter, duller, etc. (1)My second favorite product is foundation. I still haven’t found the one, but I like the controlled coverage and easy-to-blend application. I also don’t have a huge flaking problem with oil-based foundations like I do with powders. (2)Lastly, I enjoy highly pigmented eyeshadows. I like having all kinds of bright colors draw attention to the eyes. Many of them can also be used safely on the lips for added interest and dimension.

I love beauty products beyond just these. However, I find that these are my go-tos. I always have some version of them in my collection.